QuartZ & Rainbows is all about inspiring and empowering "spiritual gangstas" while still having fun and remaining true to self!

Being spiritual does not mean being boring or broke!


With that being said...

QuartZ & Rainbows does not sell or endorse products that are used to manipulate others. I don't do "work" on other people, instead I practice self love and care. I can not guarantee that anything you purchase will bring the results that you seek, but I can promise that great intentions along with hard work create magic!

Before you buy anything from my website I want you to understand and believe that you are the shit! You're already full of magic whether you believe it or not. My products are simply tools that helped me focus and manifest some of the magical shit that I have going on!

Be YOU! Don't buy (or sell) something just because you see it working for someone else. Give it a try and if it doesn't resonate with your spirit be done with it!

Lastly, do not ever give up on yourself! My mind along with the tools that I sell on this site cured my depression, manifested this business and sent some great people in my life! I'm not happy all day everyday but I am grateful, and that has taken me a long way from where I was!


With Love,



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