B!tch, Get Sh!t Done Notepad!
The quickest way to manifest your goals is by writing them down daily! This is why this is a MUST HAVE notepad for every spiritual gangsta! Keep track of the shit you're grateful for & the shit you need to...
from $18.00
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Quartz & Rainbows Iridescent PEN
This pen is perfect for writing your goals... it's not only cute, it writes super smooth. 1 pen per order, journals & notepads sold separately. Black ink.
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Quartz & Rainbows Manifestation Checkbook
The 1st time I wrote myself a check was after watching “The Secret” on dvd. My 13 year old daughter was a toddler back then & honestly I wasn’t aligned with what I was asking for, so I didn’t take...
from $8.00
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QuartZ & Rainbows Journals
I am a firm believer in writing shit down to manifest your goals faster, so it was only right that I released a dope journal for spiritual gangstas! .: Full wraparound print .: 128 ruled line single pages .: Casewrap...
from $12.00
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Write it Down & Manifest That Shit Bundle
“Write it down on real paper with a real pencil. And watch shit get real.” -Erykah Badu This 5 piece bundle includes all of our custom stationery plus our iridescent pen. I am a firm believer in writing shit down...
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Quartz & Rainbows Spiritual Dump Notepad
This family-friendly notepad is the perfect tool for starting your day. There is space to dump your thoughts and tell the Universe exactly how you want to feel, what you want to attract & what you want to accomplish. 6 x...
from $16.00
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Quartz & Rainbows Mystery Pouch
Each reusable pouch will be full of at least 5 surprise products that will range from accessories, spiritual tools, stationery, and more (a definite bargain!) Some items will be our featured products, others will be new products not yet added...
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Quartz & Rainbows Iridescent Sticker Pack
An exclusive pack of Quartz & Rainbows stickers. Each pack includes the 3 stickers shown.
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