eBook: Start Your Business, Bitch!

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This is a quick eight page motivational guide that I created after numerous conversations with friends and clients who are in disbelief when I share my "secrets" about how I started my online business with only $100.00. I've learned that many people don't start because they think that it's harder than it actually is. This guide is not about running your business (that will come later) it's about getting started!

As you already know I consider myself a "Spiritual Gangsta" so please expect a little bit of my natural profanity and realness in this guide!


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I started QuartZ & Rainbows in February 2018. I've gained over 25k followers on Instagram and my shop traffic is consistently in the top 3% for stores opened the same week as QuartZ & Rainbows. I did all this with no paid advertising besides a few paid Instagram ads that have cost close to nothing...and no handouts!

Here is YOUR chance to pick my brain and take notes! 

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