$10,000 Heaven Bank Notes (Ancestor Money)


Ancestor money is burned as an offering to our ancestors. I burn it at least 3-4 times a week, usually 2-3 sheets at a time (you can burn as much or as little as you want.) Everyone has their preferred methods for connecting with their ancestors, I always pray and give thanks when I burn my money. Ancestor money burns quickly and you may get a bright green flame which is said to mean your loved one has received your offering and accepted it (I love when this happens!) I toss my ashes into the air (universe) once I am finished burning the money.

Ancestor money may also be used as an altar offering.

Please burn with caution in a fire-safe cauldron or dish.

Each order contains approximately 40 sheets, money envelope included!

 I always recommend that you do additional research and use each product in a way that works best for you. 

Click HERE to learn more on YouTube. 


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$10,000 Heaven Bank Notes (Ancestor Money)
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