Schedule Your Mini Healing Session - Atlanta Only

Sundays at the "Rainbow Trap House" often turn into me having very long conversations that turn into what feel like healing sessions. This is not something that I ever plan but i'm a talker, I love people so it just happens! I often hear myself giving advice and i'm amazed because I've realized that i'm simply just a channel, I truly believe that my advice for others comes directly from spirit. I am in no way a licensed therapist, counselor or tarot reader. I may use oracle cards to assist me during the session, but it will not be a "reading." These sessions are to uplift my peers and share any knowledge that I've learned during my self healing process (i'm still healing daily.)


QuartZ & Rainbows/Rainbow Trap House 
675 Metropolitan Pkwy SW Suite 1096 Door B2
Atlanta, GA 30310

Text 404-808-7961 to schedule your mini session with me (approximately 20-30 minutes.) At this time all sessions are donation based (donations are mandatory, no minimum price required) so for that reason I only schedule sessions during current business hours. 

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Once our session is done I will send you a donation link, cash is also accepted.