I've been blessed with amazing customers who tag me in pictures when they post QuartZ & Rainbows products and I've also had my share of free promo which has helped my business grow a lot!

I would like to give back by offering free promotion on my business page @QuartZandRainbows!

Items must be DOPE, original and they have to make sense for me to post (I won't post something that I sell or something totally irrelevant to spirituality or healing.)

Please feel free to email me for approval before sending products, also include your business card and Instagram name so I can tag you in the post. Some items will only be shared via IG story.



Mail all promo items (or gifts) to:


Zakia Torres
QuartZ & Rainbows
6368 Coventry Way
Clinton, MD 20735


This is a PO box, it is not checked daily.

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