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Don't Block Your Blessings, Bitch!

This is my 1st ebook I wrote in 2018 after I truly learned to trust God & my abilities to manifest a better life for myself. 

Start Your Business, Bitch!

I wrote this at the end of 2018 after realizing that things were going much smoother than I imagined during my 1st year of business. People often don't start their business thinking that they need to have everything figured out. I always suggest starting with what you have; sometimes before you think you're ready. 

Click HERE to purchase the Start Your Fuck*n Business Course created in 2020.

Dear Fear: Fuck You!

By 2019 I was really feeling myself after watching things manifest fast simply by me just believing in myself and choosing faith over fear.

Her Prayer

I wrote "Her Prayer" early 2020 after realizing that I was the reason that I kept attracting the same type of man. My current relationship taught me a lot about love and myself. Attracting a better man requires accountability and changed behavior.


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